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Cosmiq Media

We 3x Rev for Consumer & SaaS Companies with our CR system leveraging Tiktok Ads & UGC with a pool of trained Creators.


Specifically curated "strategies" with "proven" media buying methods, that make your Ads Stand Out & make people want to become customers who buy again.
(Yes. we can do this for you, really🙂)

Check your competitors, if they are doing it, why aren't you?

Come in late you, will have to spend 6,8x the CPA, with -ve ROI📉 & 100x the competition 🥴

What Our Clients Think

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Examples of UGC'S Curated

Ready for a 15 min Audit/Strat Call with our CEO/Founder Vishal?
It is a  free “Non-Salesly” Audit/Strategy Session to know about your company and how we can partner with you to make more cash💸
Here's the catch: 
We Only work with brands who are looking scale & serious in investing on the growth of their business. 
As well as us being the right agency for You & Your Company, Your brand has to be a Good Fit for us.

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